Why Us?

Creative Groot is a results-driven Full Service Digital Marketing Agency based in Gloucestershire, UK. Creative Groot specialises in a modern and cutting-edge approach to digital marketing, and they are constantly learning and refining their digital strategies and tactics to ensure that their clients receive the most effective digital marketing and development services. The agency’s determination to maintain a top-tier business-oriented approach to their marketing strategies is what keeps their clientele at the top of their respective markets. Creative Groot takes pride in their ability to deliver real results to real clients.

Cost effective

How we Work

Creative Groot takes businesses to the next level by creating and implementing a dynamic digital marketing strategy. The clients with whom we’ve had the most successful collaborations over the years have gone through the in-house vs. agency cycle debate several times.

Finally, they discovered that having an internal strategy lead and the right partner (to fill in where they lack bandwidth and/or expertise) is critical to turning that vision into action, performance, and scalable results.
We have 30+ full-time staff, manage £5M+ in yearly spend, optimise thousands of web pages, send tens of thousands of emails/texts/chats, and analyse hundreds of thousands of data points each year. With our services, you can spend wisely and outperform your competitors.

Data Driven​

Our decisions are made collectively as a team, and we rely on data, research, and historical information to back them up.

In The Know

Our team’s understanding of the marketing and advertising environments ensures that we are always up to date for our clients.


We never give up. Never do we lose hope. We will not stop until we have achieved our client’s objectives. There will be no excuses. No apologies. No ifs or buts.



secure hope services ltd.

Creative Groot is an offshoot company of Secure Hope Services Ltd. which is serving in the service industry for the past 4 years in the UK. Our experience in the service industry has lead us to start our Full-Scale Digital Marketing Agency. We are sure the way we have excelled in Service Industry we will do the same here and our clients can count on us for that.

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